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About Us

With a bohemian flare, Blue Sky has dressed women with fair-trade fashions and eco-friendly fabrics since 1994.  Our collection consists of gorgeous clothing and excellent handbags and accessories. We carry boho skirts and tops that fit a lifestyle of freedom and unconventionality. 

Our line is characterized by beautiful, unique style, comfortable fabrics, easy flowing fit, earth friendly production, and our Fair Trade business practices. We use low impact dyes, recycled, repurposed, and organic fabrics, always with an eye on comfort and unique embellishments.

Blue Sky handbags are of exceptional quality, with details and features that go beyond expectations.  

Our customer service is unmatched and remains a foundation of everything we do here at Blue Sky. Be in touch and let us show you what that means.   

Make social consciousness seriously stylish.

Wear Blue Sky With Love! 

Why Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is simple really.  It means that the exchange of goods is done in a way that ensures every person involved in the making of your products is treated "fairly":  they are paid a fair wage, they have access to clean and safe facilities, health care, and the product they produce will be exchanged based on principles of economic and social justice.

Buying Fair Trade: 

~Ensures fair pay and good working conditions for everyone on the production line.

~Ensures focus on Environmental Responsibility.

~Protects Children.  Fair Trade upholds children's rights to security,  education, and play.  It ensures that there is never child labor used in production.

~Protects and supports local communities where products are made.

~Enhances and improves the lives of artisans.

~Connects you in a responsible way with other cultures.

~Assists in the sustainability of local communities.

~Makes what you buy matter.

What does Earth-Friendly mean?

We use Organic Cotton in many styles, with a growing number of organic pieces in every collection we produce. It is better for the environment, as the cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals.  It is better for you, softer to the touch, gentler on your body and the planet.

We also use fabrics that are recycled, repurposed, and upcycled.  Overruns, scraps, embroidery practice cloth -- we take it and make you a gorgeous patchwork top! That is the concept: minimize our footprint and provide you with a product that helps you minimize yours!

We only use Low Impact Dyes.   

A low-impact dye is a dye that has been classified as eco-friendly. Low impact dyes do not contain toxic chemicals, require less rinsing and have a high absorption rate in the fabric. High absorption rates and a decreased use of rinse water create less waste water, is better for the environment, and better for your body.

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